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Chris BensonSpecial Interest

Charlotte CarterTrip Wire, Jackson Park

Peter Clement: The Darkness Drops, The Inquisitor, Mortal Remains, Critical Condition

Joyce ChristmasForged in Blood, Dying Well

Ashley Farley: Sweet Tea Tuesdays, the Sweeney Sisters Series (Her Sister's Shoes,
    Lowcountry Stranger, Boots and Bedlam, Tangle of Strings
Breaking the Story, Merry Mary,
    Saving Ben

Judy Fitzwater
Dying to Get Her Man, Dying to Be Murdered, Dying to Remember, Dying for a Clue

Andrew and Justine Green: Princess Amerah and the Magic Dress

Lee Harris: The Silver Anniversary Murder, Murder in Alphabet City, The Bar Mitzvah Murder,
    Murder in Hell's Kitchen 

Ellen Hart: No Reservations Required, Death on a Silver Platter, Dial M for Meat Loaf, Slice and Dice

Carole Isom-Barnes, Ph.D.: Layoff: American Dream Interrupted

Joan Johnston: 
The Rivals

Rochelle Krich: Dream House

Leslie O'Kane: Death of a PTA Goddess, Give the Dog a Bone, When the Fax Lady Sings

Patrick Parker: War Merchant, Treasures of the Fourth Reich

Thomas Perry: Blood Money, Pursuit

Bonnie Shimko: You Know What You Have to Do, The Private Thoughts of Amelia E. Rye

Blair Walker: Don't Believe Your Lying Eyes

Valerie Wolzien: Death in Duplicate, Death in a Beach Chair, A Fashionable Murder,
    An Anniversary to Die For, Murder in the Forecast

Graham Thomas: Malice Downstream


John Augustine: 
"Learning for a Lifetime," Liberal Arts for the Christian Life

Kathleen Blease: 
Sensual Love Poems

Jamie Blyth: Fear Is No Longer My Reality

Richard Branson: Losing My Virginity

Tim Brooks and Earle Marsh: The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network and Cable TV: 1946         to Present

Martin GarbusTough Talk

Elizabeth Goodman
Breaking and Entering:Unexpected Sermons for an Unfinished World

Bernie Marcus and Arthur BlankBuilt from Scratch: How a Couple of Guys Grew the Home Depot         from Nothing to $30 Billion

Mick Martin and Marsha PorterDVD and Video Guide (annually updated)

Eugene McCarthyNo-Fault Politics

Jeffrey MosesOneness

Amy Ogle and Lisa MazzulloBefore Your Pregnancy

Jim WightThe Real James Herriot   

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